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The retail partners we choose to work with are key to providing our customers with reliable service. We have chosen well-known, trustworthy brands for their service, affordability, excellent back up, and no-hassle warranties.

These supplier relationships we have developed allow us to pass on our bulk buying discounts to our customers and also ensure that you have an extensive range of products to choose from. By choosing Redwood Auto Electrical not only can you purchase trustworthy branded product, but we are also able to install any product we sell and extend warranty to our customers.

Don’t be caught out purchasing a product that the seller doesn't install. They may only extend a warranty for the product not the installation, and then you have to prove it was the product failure not the installation.

We have assisted many customers who have purchased a product elsewhere that has failed on them. They not only paid to have that product originally installed, but when it failed they also had to pay to have the product taken out in order to return the product for refund/replacement. And then they paid again to have a new product reinstalled. After talking with them on some occasions we could have sold and installed the same branded product for the same price or lower and offered a warranty on the product and installation.

As we install what we sell, we can warranty our product and installation so there’s no hidden cost surprises, simply provide your receipt and enjoy no hassles. If by chance a product we have sold and installed fails we will remove and reinstall with a replacement at no extra cost to you.

If you have a brand or product preference that we are currently not displaying, please let us know as we are happy to arrange supply of product to suit your request.




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